Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bleeding Heart Bakery- S'mores Brownie

This was a good brownie.  Rich, sweet, dense, moist.  I would not, however, say that BHB is justified in calling this a S'mores brownie.  There was only one little marshmallow on top and no graham that I could detect.  It seemed to me to be a decent brownie with a random marshmallow that landed there on accident. When I think s'mores I think lots of gooey marshmallows with some crunch from the graham.  If I was going to make a s'mores brownie (and now maybe I will, because I kind of want one!) I would make some kind of bottom crust with graham incorporated into it, a rich chocolate brownie-probably with some dark chocolate incorporated to balance out some of the sweetness- and then do a thin layer of marshmallows on top.   I don't think that I would buy this brownie.  It was good,  but not great, and I am guessing that it is pretty pricey (most things from this bakery are).  To me, a brownie is a brownie, and this one did not break that mold at all. 


  1. My friend Jessica made some Amazing cupcakes that I would classify as being a "S'mores" cupcake. She posted the recipes & pictures on her blog:

    Love reading the blog and getting recipe ideas!

  2. You know ... all of my Bleeding Heart Bakery purchases have just been "meh." But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them on Food Network's "Challenge."