Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deleece and A La Card

We just ate at Deleece on Southport for the first time. If you live in Chicago I would definitely recommend this place. The food is delicious and the prices are not too high. They had a very wide selection on the menu. I had cavatapi with mushrooms and the most delicious tomatoes. There was truffle oil coating everything, and cheese. Oh, the cheese. My only complaint about this dish was that I would prefer a higher vegetable-to-pasta ratio. There was plenty of color and flavor, but I like my meals to be bursting with veggies whenever possible. I would still definitely order this dish again though. Tim had a stuffed poblano pepper. It had rice inside and was atop a bed of black beans. There was poblano sour cream and some tortilla strips for garnish. This was so good because it was not battered and fried like your typical chili relleno. Instead it was fresh, simple, and flavorful. You could actually taste the pepper instead of just tasting the batter and cheese. I love poblanos.
Here is the website for Deleece Definitely check this place out.
Since we are on the topic of trying new restaurants, I will tell you about one of my favorite purchases ever. We are on our second package of A La Card. If you like finding new restaurants that are smaller and owner managed, I would recommend this for sure. The pack is full of cards, each for a local restaurant, that are good for a calendar year, so all the cards expire on 12/31 of that given year. Each card gives you $10 off that particular restaurant, so you only have to use a few to get your money back. We go out at least once a week anyways, so it was a worthwhile purchase for us. We love looking through the deck and finding a new place to go that weekend. It's fun and exciting to always have a different place to try! It is also a great way to support local restaurants that you may not hear about otherwise. Some of our favorite restaurants were found through A La Card.

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