Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take A Hike Scones

This is the first of my Bleeding Heart Bakery reviews.  I have to say, based on this scone, I may be hooked.  This thing was colossal.  Tim and I could have split one, but they gave us two, so we each ate our own :-)  The flavor balance was wonderful.  Slightly sweet with a bit of molasses flavor. Densely packed with fruit and nuts.  Crusty and hard on the outside with a soft, moist interior.  This was a great scone.  The texture was better than that of most scones that I have tried.  It was not so dry that I felt like I needed to dip it in my coffee.  I was able to eat it easily without it crumbling everywhere.  The interior had an almost cake-like consistency-very dense, but smooth and moist.  It had to be filled with nutritional value, although I am sure the portion size was totally out of control!  The nuts and fruit make it feel like a satisfactory meal, and believe me, you will not be hungry after you eat this thing!  I will definitely go back for another one of these, and I suggest that you get your butt in there and try one for yourself.  Two thumbs up!

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  1. oh shawna... thanks for reviewing BHB. B and i are picking up our box from there on friday morning before we leave town, so i'm excited to hear what you liked!